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Qualified Intellectual Deed, or as it is popularly known in English, non-fungible token (NFT for short), is a unit of data stored in a digital ledger called a blockchain, which confirms that a digital asset is unique and therefore not interchangeable. NFTs can be associated with reproducible digital files such as photos, videos and audio. However, access to any copy of the original file is not limited to the recipient of the NFT. While copies of these digital items are available for anyone to acquire, NFTs are tracked on blockchains to provide the owner with proof of ownership separate from the copyright.

In 2021, interest in using NFT has increased. Blockchains like Ethereum, Polygon, and Tezos have their own standards for supporting NFTs, but each works to ensure that the digital item represented is uniquely unique. NFTs are now used to commodify digital assets in art, music, sports and other popular entertainment.

The metaverse or virtual universe is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet that supports persistent online 3D virtual environments via virtual and augmented reality devices as well as traditional personal computers. Metaverse, also called "post-universe" or metaverse, is also defined as the potential to go beyond the physical universe by moving away from the dimension of time and space, thanks to computers, android devices, VR lenses and various tools. 3D user interfaces. Metaverse offers a new reality, a world of meaning and collaboration opportunities from a communication perspective; to provide infrastructure and interaction opportunities for cultural, intellectual and economic production; simultaneous and integrated use of different advanced technologies; It is also possible to define cyber as a social plane.

Apricot NFT acts as a digital key for the Fair and Promotion areas that will be organized on the Metaverse. In order to have this key, it is necessary to have one of the NFTs consisting of 4444 unique characters produced on the polygon network. Any company can participate in the fairs to be opened on Metaverse. The only requirement for this is to be a member of the Apricot NFT Club.

Apricot NFT Club Members will have a stand from the fairground as much as the number of NFTs they have. In these stands, they can either exhibit their own products or rent them out to others with the rent-to-win model. Apricot NFT Holders will be eligible to receive APRTN (Apricot NFT Token) on a monthly basis as long as they hold NFTs. As long as Apricot NFT Club members hold their NFTs, Apricot NFT Market will also regularly generate income from all transactions on the Apricot NFT launchpad. Most importantly, they will get the AIRDROP Right at the APRTN launch and they will get APRTN in proportion to the number of NFTs they have. The project will be constantly updated and earn more with alternative products.

APRTN (Apricot NFT Token) is a governance token used for all transactions on Metaverse. APRTN is a cryptocurrency created on Binance Smart Chain with a maximum supply of 444M. APRTN will be used at the fairs on the Metaverse and a certain percentage of APRTN will be distributed to Apricot NFT Club members.

For Apricot NFT Club membership, you can easily get your NFT by specifying the amount you will receive by clicking the MINT button on our website. For this, your Metamask wallet must be connected to the polygon network and there must be MATIC as much as the NFT amount you will receive in your wallet.

Apricot NFT Club members can put their NFTs up for sale on opensea, if they wish, after the public offering date.

The Apricot NFT Club project is supported by global investors trading over $100M per year. The CEO of the project has been working with the IT sector and providing consultancy services to large investors in the crypto money market since 1999, as well as working as a "Training Specialist". In short, it is definitely a safe project considering the high experience of its CEO and the power of the investors.

The first sales phase of the Apricot NFT Project will be made in June 2022 with 65 MATIC  and will be limited to 250 NFTs.

The second sales phase will start after the first sale phase ends and will be made with 95 MATIC  and will be limited to 500 NFT.

The third stage of sale will be 230 MATIC  over the initial public offering price.

A collection of 4444 unique 3D NFTs backed by global investors