About Us

Get the digital key to access Metaverse Fair and Promotion Areas!
Metaverse and NFT project built on Polygon Network, consisting of 4444 Unique characters and supported by Global investors…
Apricot Nft Club members are built on the Polygon network to generate income from all projects to be published and to offer privileges in the world of the future. Visit the Info page for full details>>>

About Us

High quality 3D NFT Project

A collection that everyone would like to own. But only 4444 available

Apricot NFT will act as a digital key for global fairs and Promotion areas to be created in Metaverse. Apricot NFT holders will have one of 4444 stand areas on the metaverse. In this area, they can either promote their own products, rent them to someone who does not have an NFT with the NFT Rental model, or sell them opensea after listing. Visit the info page for all the details>>>


Unique 3D NFT

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Being a member of Apricot NFT Club is a privilege

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Type the NFT Amount you will receive and click on the MINT Button


Confirm the transaction by pressing the confirmation section in your METAMASK Wallet.


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A collection of 4444 unique 3D NFTs backed by global investors